Sunday, 31 August 2014

Gender Equity: What Will It Take To Be The Best Report

Gender Equity: What Will It Take To Be The Best is a report commissioned by the Richmond Football Club as part as a three year affirmative action plan to improve the position of women.  The report found that there was widespread cynicism about the AFL's commitment to gender equity.  This has always been apparent in there response to sexual assault which is far less rigorous than there response to racism or homophobia.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Religious Chaplains in State Schools

Given the current Royal Commission into institutional abuse and the number of religious institutions who have been involved in abusing children have then covered it up, moved offenders into other parts of Australia or overseas so they could continue their paedophilic activities, why would any Government think that religious chaplains in state schools are a benefit?

Monday, 11 August 2014

Fundamentalist Groups

It seems that all fundamentalist groups and regimes have one thing in common which is their wish to control women and use them for their own sexual gratification.  The Iraqi Government deciding 9 year olds were mature enough to marry, the Japanese Government refusing to recognise the women imprisoned and raped throughout World War II euphemistically called comfort women, the Nigerian Government leaving the hundreds of teenager abducted by Boko Haram to be raped and abused all have one thing in common a refusal to see women as human beings with rights.  Now we have another group, the fighters of the Islamic State, abducting 300 women as slaves.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Making Rights Reality:Final Evaluation Report 2014

Making Rights Reality is a pilot project for sexual assault survivors with a cognitive impairment that has been a partnership between the Federation of Community Legal Services, SECASA and Springvale Monash Community Legal Service.  The project improved access to the criminal justice system and counselling and advocacy for people with a cognitive impairment or communication difficulties. We all know that the percentage of people sexually assaulted in childhood and as adults is high.  However, people with disabilities are at a much higher risk of all forms of violence and abuse than the general population.  This project was aimed at improving rates of reporting for people with a disability. It increased reporting of sexual assault for the people the project was aimed at.  More importantly it resulted in the SECASA workforce improving their level of skill for working with people with cognitive impairments and communication difficulties.  This and the publicity around the project led to a large increase in people with a disability accessing the service.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Child Sexual Abuse Material

Child sexual abuse material is more often known as child pornography which disguises what it actually is and what happens children and babies being sexually assaulted.I thought that everyone, well everyone I knew, understood the horror of child sexual abuse material.  This was until Sunday night when I was having dinner with a group of friends.  One of them, an academic who specializes in an area that requires empathy for vulnerable people, made a comment that surprised me whilst we were discussing the Rolf Harris court case and subsequent sentencing. The comment was that they did not understand why people were charged for looking at child pornography as it as a victimless crime. Of course it is not a victimless crime as the actual looking at the material creates the demand that then has children, including babies, sexually assaulted and in some cases in real time on peer-to-peer networks.