Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Floyd Mayweather

What is it about the Australian Government that they grant visas to violent men or men who preach about violence such as Julien Blanc.  This time Floyd Mayweather is thinking about coming to Australia at the end of the month.   Mr Mayweather has been arrested or cited by Police for 7 assaults against 5 different women.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

We Are Not Animals

Why do the various terrorist groups around think they deserve respect when the men who run them rape, kill and mutilate girls.  Do they think we do not notice 10 year old girls blown to pieces by men hiding in the shadows?  If you want to kill women and children and elderly in market places stop being cowards and face those you are murdering.  Do not use small girls who are afraid and not old enough to know what they are doing.
Does the man who posted an advertisement selling a young girl in pyjamas as a sex slave think we will not notice?  What sort of men answer that type of advertisement?  Does Boko Haram think that we have forgotten the 200 children they abducted last year even if the Nigerian Government seems to have done so.
We have not forgotten them.  We will not forget the small girls with explosives strapped to their little bodies.  Neither will we forgive.  These men under the guise of religion are no better than the men who groom their own and other children for sexual gratification.  It is all about sexual access to unwilling victims.

Sunday, 14 December 2014


Uber should not be allowed to operate in Victoria or Australia.  It is not a safe option for women.  Any predator could be operating one of the unlicensed cars.  The CASAs have the occasional report of a sexual assault by a reputable taxi firm's driver.  In these situations we have, if the victim has chosen not to report to the Police, a way of bringing it to the attention of the driver's employer.What happens if it was an Uber driver?

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Zac Webster

Zac Webster is a recent recruit to the 2014 premiership winners Hawthorn.  He has been banned from the club from two pre season practice games for being convicted of filming women engaging in sex acts without their consent.  His penalty in Tasmania was a fine and 140 hours of community service.  Mr Webster initially omitted to mention his charges when being interviewed by Hawthorn.  This raises two issues.  One why would they want someone in the club who has lied to them right at the start. Secondly if he thinks this is reasonable behaviour at this stage in his career how is he likely to behave when he becomes rich and famous as an AFL player?

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Universities shelve sexual assault survey

Australia's universities and residential colleges have shelved a plan to collect and share data about sexual assaults on campus.  This idea came out of the 2011 review into the treatment of women at the Australian Defence Force Academy led by Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick. It is a lost opportunity.  Whilst some colleges and universities run educational programs for staff and students others do have such programs.  It would be really useful to have an agreement about what should be provided on campuses to deal with sexual harassment and sexual assault.